Tera Intezaar movie review: Not what we expected after the ‘intezaar’

Directed By: Rajeev Walia
Produced By: Aman Mehta, Bijal Mehta
Cast: Sunny Leone, Arbaaz khan
Duration: 1 hours 48 minutes
Bollywood Bubble Rating: 0.5/5

‌We were inside a lavish castle, stealing some exquisite paintings. Suddenly, the paintings hung back at their places automatically and springs of water started coming out of the walls. The room suddenly turned into a sea. we somehow reached the shore and ran fanatically. we think there’s a Ghost behind me. Hungry and thirsty, we reached a garden and saw a mango tree. We snatched a ripe mango, but the mango slipped from our hands and we saw the invisible ghost biting on it.

‌Probably because we were hungry, we realised this wasn’t a bad dream. This was happening. Courtesy, ‘Tera Intezaar’.

‌Now, the question is, who’s waiting for whom? Sunny Leone aka Raunak, an art gallery owner can’t find her painter beau Veer (Arbaaz Khan). Ask me how they met. Veer, with much love, painted his dream girl which turned out to be looking just like Raunak. The next morning, he happens to meet her on the street. Hmm.‌

‌Other side of the story. Four bad people (of whom, Aarya Babbar is one) are trying to steal Veer’s paintings, which are “lajawab” and “kya baat hai“. The usual gatecrashing happens and I discover Arbaaz is a ghost. He’s invisible. So is his little-existing acting career. What’s the point?

‌Whatsoever, Sunny crosses path with Sudha Chandran, a woman who can smell and perform supernatural activities. In between, we only see a lot of Arbaaz’s painfully bright lemon yellow shirt and matching goggles, Sunny’s “Do you really love me?” And her Gujarati jeeju Hasmukh Bhai who reaches airport and screams ‘Chalo Jaldi!‘, as if it’s a Mumbai BEST bus and not an Airbus.

‌The ghost has killed all the villains but Sunny doesn’t yet know that her man isn’t alive. Wait, he’s! DOUBLE ROLE ALERT!

‌’Tera Intezaar’ is a gold mine of memes, considering the animated expressions both actors have delivered effortlessly. We’re so sorry we couldn’t be empathetic. We’re either too old, or have been single for way too long. However, we forgot to tell you that Arbaaz’s spirit is blue in colour and travels like a ball of light.

‌Just when we’ve survived so much, we’re expected to judge this film, Arbaaz and Sunny. Why would they do what they did? Why would Rajeev Walia do what he did? Why would our Boss do what she did, either? Most importantly, ‘Abhagi Piya Ki’ Sunny Leone? Huh?

‌Also, do ghosts like mango?