Tiger Zinda Hai movie review: Tiger is back with a lot of swag in this massy entertainer

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Directed By: Ali Abbas Zafar
Produced By: Aditya Chopra
Cast: Salman Khan, Katrina Kaif, Sajjad Delfrooz, Angad Bedi, Kumud Mishra, Girish Karnad, Paresh Rawal
Duration: 2 Hours 41 Minutes
Bollywood Bubble Rating: 3.5/5

It’s not Eid, but Christmas and Salman Khan is here to enthrall his zillion fans with his latest outing ‘Tiger Zinda Hai‘ . After the debacle of ‘Tubelight’ this year, all hopes are pinned heavily on to this action entertainer and trust us, you won’t go disappointed because Ali Abbas Zafar manages to keep you seated right till the end with this massy action flick.

So for starters, ‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ starts off from where ‘Ek Tha Tiger’ left. Tiger (Salman Khan), a RAW Agent and Zoya (Katrina Kaif), an ISI Pakistani spy abandon their jobs to stay together and are residing in a secluded town of Austria, away from the hustle-bustle and fear of getting caught by their respective agencies. They have a cute little son too with them, who seeks to become a hero figure just like his father Tiger. Their small happy family gets interrupted when a deadly mission comes calling for Tiger. 40 nurses, which include 25 Indians and 15 Pakistanis have been held hostage in a hospital by an Iraqi warlord who aims to spread his terror. Tiger has the mission to save those 25 Indian nurses as specifically instructed by RAW, while Zoya sets off on the same mission to save those 15 Pakistani nurses and here comes the Indo-Pak angle shouting out slogans of peace between the two warring nations who unite to fight a common enemy.

Will they flourish or will they succumb to the terror of Abu Usman, the leader of the Iraq terrorist squad? That’s something you would see unravel in this masala massy entertainer.

As much as the plot seems to turn predictable in the second half, Zafar has managed to pack in loads of fight sequences to keep you on the edge of your seats. While Salman is back with swag as he fights the terrorists and minces them to pulp, a poker-faced (albeit in a good sense here) Katrina as Zoya isn’t far behind. She rolls out fight sequences with finesse and is at par with Salman Khan. And if you thought it’s just the action sequences that will blow you away, then there is romance too and yes, a comic relief in the form of Paresh Rawal and Kumud Mishra. Angad Bedi as Navin, the man who defuses bombs in a jiffy, has minimal dialogues and screen space, while Girish Karnad is back to his trademark conversations with Tiger, just like in ‘Ek Tha Tiger’. Sajjad Delfrooz as Abu Usman is terrorising with his getup and suits the part very well, while the nurses evoke sympathy.

‘Tiger Zinda Hai’ also boasts of great cinematography, music and background score which ups the ante at explosive moments complimenting the crucial scenes very well. Also, the element of peace between India and Pakistan gels well with the theme of rescuing the nurses. So to quickly sum it up, with loads of action, emotions, romance and patriotism, this one surely could be called as Salman Khan’s comeback this year for the audiences. The only glitch, is a predictable and slightly lengthier plot. Rest, it’s sure to leave you whistling in various scenes.

Our verdict: Definitely lights up your Christmas.

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