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Film: Lost

Director: Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury

Star Cast: Yami Gautam, Pankaj Kapur, Rahul Khanna, Neil Bhoopalam, Pia Bajpiee, Tushar Pandey

Platform: Zee5

Bollywood Bubble ratings: 2/5 stars

Lost movie ratings

Lost Movie REVIEW: 

I’m actually lost for words for writing the review of Yami Gautam starrer Lost. The movie trailer seems like an intense thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat; however, I get to see quite the opposite of it. It truly stays true to its title as the mediocre story looks quite lost. A lot of issues were shown in the movie but neither of them got complete justice. Most of the issues were partially covered, making it look like a half-baked script.

Lost starts off with an intense thriller that builds tension and drama but the climax drops flat on the face. That’s not it, some of the scenes get unanswered and are abruptly put together, leaving you completely baffled. When I say unanswered, there was a scene when Yami makes her husband understands that hundreds of people are getting lost every month and every week but they never really explained the reason behind Ishaan going missing for many days. The story also has a little political connection to the story and I don’t see any relevance to it. However, two things that definitely seemed interesting were the art of investigation and the powerful performances by a couple of actors, otherwise, the story is passable.

The film starts with a missing case of a theatre actor named Ishaan who gets lost for many days. It was then reported that he is involved in some terrorist groups. Though people have made a verdict on Ishaan, Yami aka Vidhi, the crime reporter, ensures to crack the case by hook or crook. The thing I liked was the intense investigation process which is quite thrilling; however, it is the story that doesn’t have any volume.


A crime reporter Vidhi investigates the sudden disappearance of a college student who has been reported to be a part of a Maoist group. While society associates different theories for his disappearance, Yami goes deep into the case risking her life and putting her heart and soul. But what is the true story? Is he really lost?

Star Performances

Yami Gautam definitely shines even though the plot is quite weak. She essays the role of a crime journalist Vidhi Sahani who is quite feisty and has a knack to find the truth. Yami as the journalist looks quite powerful and convincing. Yami also stays true to her ground when sharing the screen space with Pankaj Kapur and proves her worth with her skills.

Pankaj Kapur essays the role of Vidhi’s grandpa who excels in the limited screen space. Rahul Khanna has very less to offer and looks restrictive in all the scenes. His dialogue seems quite rehearsed and made up. On the other hand, Pia Bajpiee too underperformed and leaves no impact on us with her performance. Neil Bhoopalam and Tushar Pandey are talented actors but get very limited screen space to showcase their acting prowess. Neil plays the role of Vidhi’s husband is completely wasted and Tushar who is the reason for the story to be made has nothing to offer significance in the movie.

Direction/ Screenplay:

It is quite surprising to see that Aniruddha Roy Chowdhury who previously helmed Pink starring Amitabh Bachchan and Taapsee Pannu has made an intense drama titled Lost but failed to leave a massive impact on me. The look and the feel of Aniruddha’s direction remind me of the filmmaker Sujoy Ghosh’s direction. However, the screenplay has a lot of loopholes that is quite confusing. Shyamal Sengupta and Ritesh Shah’s story was all over the place, thus, leaving very less reasons for us to stay connected with the movie. It surely fails to grab my or anyone’s attention.


Overall, Yami Gautam starrer Lost is a half-baked movie that leaves zero impact on you. From having several loopholes in the story to leaving you unanswered, Lost is disappointing and it could have been a tight script.

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