The stage was being set: When Priyanka was unaware of her photos being sent for Miss India

The stage was being set: When Priyanka was unaware of her photos being sent for Miss India

Priyanka Chopra during Miss World

If we take a closer look at the past few years of actress Priyanka Chopra‘s career, she has definitely risen to prominence and has established her name internationally. With plum projects like TV series ‘Quantico’ and Hollywood debut with film ‘Baywatch’, the actress has achieved the pinnacle of her career, and is still unstoppable. There’s no doubt that Priyanka‘s journey is one that can very well inspire millions. She is making India proud and continues to inspire all with her achievements. And it had all started way back in the year 2000 when she was crowned Femina Miss India World. But, recently we stumbled upon an old interview of the actress where she opened up that she wasn’t even aware of her pictures being sent for this prestigious national beauty pageant. Yes! You read that right.

It was in the year 2006 when Priyanka appeared as the celebrity guest on talk show ‘Rendezvous with Simi Garewal’. During her conversation with host Simi Garewal, she was asked whether it was true that her family had entered her name without telling her. The actress replied by saying, “Yeah! I just come back from America to do my 12th in India. So, my mom I don’t know randomly just for the heck of it sent my pictures in and pictures that are taken at home, you know. And they sent it in. I was actually in middle of tuition and I was watching ‘Mera Naam Joker’. And I got a phone call and just picked it up and was like ‘Hello’, and she’s like ‘Oh! Hi I’m calling from Femina, this is Ila, your preliminary contest is in four days and this is the hotel and you’ll have to come there. There are about 500 girls chosen so we’ll see you there, no makeup bring high heels and I’ll see you there. Okay, bye’.” (Also Read: The day Priyanka Chopra created a record by playing 12 different characters)

“I was just like, wait how could Femina know I live in Bareilly and she knew my name. So, I was really excited and I was like mom they must have done like a random search or something and found me. Then she very sheepishly came and told me you know I sent those pictures and I was like how could you send those pictures, they are so ugly and she’s like you got a call. So, yeah I just started from there,” added the actress.

Well, we can say that that was the moment which spun Priyanka’s life around, and are glad that her mother Madhu Chopra went ahead and entered her name. Had she not done that, we would never have been introduced to this exceptional bundle of talent and versatility named Priyanka Chopra.

Check out the full interview of Priyanka Chopra below:

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