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Late veteran actor Divya Bharti was one of the most popular leading ladies back in the 90s. Divya who has done around 20 films in her short career was considered to be one of the highest-paid actresses. At the age of 19, Divya passed away on 5 April 1993 after reportedly falling from a high-rise building, causing brain damage. Divya was married to producer Sajid Nadiadwala for a year before his first wife passed away. Today, it is Divya Bharti death anniversary and once upon a time, Sajid’s second wife Warda Khan had revealed that he still keeps some things of Divya with him.

Post Divya death, back in 2020, Warda told Bollywood Hungama that Sajid still shares a close bond with Divya’s family. “Sajid is so close, Sajid is like a son to dad, after mumma (Divya’s mother) passed away. You can’t even imagine how close dad and Sajid are. And Kunal and Sajid… they talk just like brothers would. And I have not tried to replace her ever. I have made my own place. Memories are always beautiful. So, stop trolling me! She is a part of my life, and we are enjoying. Sometimes people say, ‘Divya Bharti bahot acchi thi. Of course, bahot acchi thi yaar (Divya Bharti was very good. Of course she was good). We love her. She is very much a part of my life.”


Later, she even shared a tweet saying how Sajid kept some things of her, “Sajid still has her last touched Perfume, hair products, few more Items ……. she was part for his Debut film (KICK) Saat samundar.…” In another tweet, she also said, “Ya strangely I think she’s instrumental in getting us together I met #SajidNadiadwala for an interview on her first Anniv. also Sajid, Divya’s Dad, my In-laws they often tell me she was a lot like me same nature same madness same Behaviour.

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