Bigg Boss 15: Raqesh Bapat is going inside the house with girlfriend Shamita Shetty? Former reacts

Image Source - Viral Bhayani

Actors and Bigg Boss OTT lovebirds Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat who are fondly called #ShaRa by their fans, conducted a live session today on Instagram with fans. They not only made their fans day by featuring together in the live session but also tried to answer their questions and revealed some cute anecdotes about each other. Going by their live session, it is clear that they are madly in love with each other. Nevertheless, among many, a fan asked the Maryada actor if he would be entering the Bigg Boss 15 house with his girlfriend Shamita Shetty who is one of the confirmed contestants in the house.

To which, Raqesh did not give any certain answers, rather he asked his fans if they really wanted to see him inside the house after what they saw in Bigg Boss OTT. Moreover, Shamita who was sitting next to him revealed that he is still thinking about the opportunity but she wants him to join her in the BB15 journey as well. It looks like Raqesh has neither denied it nor he confirmed that he is entering the house. If he actually joins his ladylove, then their fans could be elated as they would get to witness more ShaRa moments in the Salman Khan house. 

Earlier in an exclusive interview with BollywoodBubble, Raqesh expressed his true feelings about Shamita. He said, “She is a very strong woman, a woman I really appreciate and a woman I want to be with also. She has a very strong mind and her thoughts are very clear. She is a very caring person and a pure soul and that’s what I love about her. She shows and tells the other person what she exactly feels. She has clarity and I love people who have a lot of clarity.

Shamita and Raqesh

Bapat even revealed that he and Shamita need to spend more time together to know each other as he doesn’t want to rush into things.

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