‘Bigg Boss 13’: Rashami Desai says she is done with Arhaan Khan; latter says, “I have been projected as villain and it’s humiliating”

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‘Bigg Boss 13′ is about to get even more controversial as the famous ‘press conference’ will take place in the house very soon. Rashami Desai and Arhaan Khan’s relationship is about to be the hot topic at the conference. And it was Rashami’s answer to the questions regarding her relationship that left everyone shell shocked.

Rashmi was left completely shaken when host Salman Khan revealed about her boyfriend Arhaan’s marriage and child. Since then it has only been a downhill Road for Rashami as Arhaan was also caught speaking ill about her behind her back. Rashami has been advised by her family, friends and even Salman to reconsider her relationship with Arhaan. But, she did not seem to budge. Recently, in the weekend episode, the actress claimed she did not know about Arhaan’s marriage or child before but she admitted that she lied about being aware of the marriage before.

Arhaan was hurt about this situation as he claims Rashami knew everything except his child. He told Bombay Times, “She should take a stand for our relationship and it should not be subjected to insult and mindless scrutiny. I have been projected as a villain and it’s humiliating. I am sure that her actions or silence could be a result of circumstances and situations inside the house. I feel a lot of things pertaining to our relationship, which put me in the dock, could have been averted had Rashami spoken up. I kept quiet about a lot of things, as my relationship with Rashami was more important than the game. It’s not over from my end, as I would like to meet and speak with her after she comes out of the house.” He further added, “Rashami knew about my marriage before she entered the house. She didn’t know about the child, though. I would have told her at the right time.

Looks like things have gone sour now as according to a latest video that has been making the rounds of the internet, Rashami is seen telling that she is done with her boyfriend Arhaan. A press conference was held inside the ‘Bigg Boss 13’ house and Rashami was asked what is her relationship status, to which she replied, “It is very much clear, nahi lagta bhavishya mein hum saath mein honge.” She also added, “No if, no but, I am done.” The journalist also quizzed her if she is single then, Rashmi stayed tight-lipped on that question. We are eagerly looking forward to watching this episode.

Check out the video below:

Well, what does Arhaan has to say about this, now that will be interesting to know.

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