‘Bigg Boss 14’: Jasmin Bhasin displays her strength while Pavitra Punia and Rahul Vaidya discuss their evolving friendship

The house of ‘Bigg Boss‘ brings many tasks to their fellow contestants which require a good sporting attitude and level head to endure. Since entering the ‘Bigg Boss’ house, Jasmin Bhasin has been winning hearts with her opinionated, yet emotional attitude during challenging tasks and close camaraderie with other housemates. Audiences are appreciating her for playing the game with grace and dignity.

In an Exclusive Scoop video on Voot Select, we see her immense strength in a sincere conversation with Eijaz Khan, where she states, “Give up? Meine aaj tak kiya hai? Jo ab karungi? Physical task hai, isme give up kar dun? Mentally, emotionally give up nahi karti toh physically kar dungi? Yeh zyada mushkil hota hai. Jab tak saas chalegi, main chalegi. Give up nahi karti.”

On the other hand, Pavitra and Rahul are wrapped up in an intense discussion about their growing friendship. Rahul said, “Decide karne ke liye, ki yeh hai kya. yeh main aapko puchna chahata hun.” Pavitra replied with her honest answer, saying “I would love to call you my friend, of course, mujhe aapse dushmani ka feel nahi aata.”

They were in agreement when Rahul says,“Yaha pe do hi feelings aa sakte hain, ya toh my way ya Highway .” They seemed quite cosy as they discussed their undefined relationship status – could there be something else brewing between the duo?

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