Neha Bhasin’s husband Sameer Uddin on her connection with Pratik Sehajpal in Bigg Boss OTT: They are acting like high school kids

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The drama quotient on Bigg Boss OTT is soaring high, all thanks to the connections in the house. From Shamita Shetty and Raqesh Bapat flirting to Moose and Nishant Bhat bring the house down with their mischief, the fans are absolutely in love. Another connecting making headlines in Neha Bhasin and Pratik Sehajpal, who fight crazy but their connection is even crazier. It is no secret that there are  wispers in the house that Neha and Pratik like each other more than friends, but is it true? Recently, Neha Bhasin’s husband Sameer Uddin reacted to Neha and Pratik’s closeness and Sameer said that the two are just behaving like high school kids.

In an interview with ETimes, Sameer opened up about Pratik and Neha being really close that it had become a topic of discussion, “You are forced to be with one person as a connection almost all the time, it is but natural that you are “one connection” will be subjected to all emotions like love, hate, anger etc. and it is not just them. You can see all the other contestants feeling the same on variable degrees. I see Pratik and Neha acting like a bunch of high school kids who compete, squabble, fight, flirt, tease, prank each other. When needed they also help each other with perspective and support and heart to heart talks. People who know Neha closely, they know that this is exactly how she is in the outside world too.”


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There was even a moment when Neha Bhasin was seen questioning her actions and if it might jeopardise her marriage, talking about it Sameer said, “Of course, she wears her heart on her sleeves, it’s like her mind and heart are made of glass, you can see whatever she thinks, feels, or believes. Her natural behavior may not conform to norms and challenges the mindset of many, the trolling and toxic culture is unforgiving in today’s world and is waiting with forks and knives to go and start flaming such personalities. Even sterile content like feeding an animal or offering water to a person attracts dislikes and hate comments. She is not scared but she is well aware of the toxic side of the digital culture.”


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Meanwhile, last week Bigg Boss OTT had no elimination and all connections were safe. The fans are looking forward to this weeks evictions.

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