‘Bigg Boss 14’: Rubina Dilaik is all praise for Naina Singh, Abhinav Shukla also comes out in support

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The latest episode of ‘Bigg Boss 14′ was a conglomeration of emotional goodbyes and altercations. On the other hand, we saw Nishant and Kavita exiting from the house, but what really caught our attention was a massive fight that broke between Naina Singh and Eijaz Khan.

The whole scenario started with Eijaz taking away Naina’s personal item under the pretext of him being the captain, and alleged her for using Jaan’s green tea which she got with his permission. When Naina questioned the latter, he maintained the facade of a person who is unapproachable and is currently on a position where he can impose things.

Naina then retaliated back by saying, “Mein aaj Khaana nahi banaungi”. (I will not cook the food today) after being alleged that her personality is seeming low on the national television. To add insult to the injury, Eijaz handed over Naina’s personal belonging to Jaan and asks him to give it back to her whenever he feels like which again triggered Naina.

But after sometime, when the housemates started requesting Jaan to return back the personal item to Naina he refused staying in his stubborn self. Rahul and Nikki too said that because of a silly fight the whole house shouldn’t suffer. That’s when the former ‘Splitsvilla’ winner decides to step in and cook for the whole house. Rubina who was in the red zone then says, “Tum itni acchi kaise ho sakti ho?” (How can you be so nice?) to which Naina funnily replies “Kya karu oh Ruby mein hu adat se majbur” (What to do oh Ruby! I am helpless due to my nature).

Here are the interviews of Naina Singh with Bollywood Bubble before she entered ‘Bigg Boss 14’.

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