Ekta Kapoor, Tejasswi Prakash, Bigg Boss 15

Actor Tejasswi Prakash is gearing up to impress the audience with her charm and adaayein in Ekta Kapoor Naagin 6. However, the actor faced a lot of flak when she became the latest Naagin. People thought she bagged the role because she became the winner of Bigg Boss 15. There was a huge hue and cry on social media where they accused Tejasswi and the channel for the same. Now, reacting to people’s criticism and people’s accusation of calling her a fixed winner, the producer of the show, Ekta revealed that the makers spoke to her manager who assured her that she will come on board.

Ekta also mentioned that she liked Tejasswi on Bigg Boss 15 while also mentioning that she doesn’t have the power to tell the channel that she wants this girl as her next Naagin.


Ekta told TOI, “I saw Tejasswi in the show and we spoke to her manager and signed her who assured us that she will be onboard. Before the show, I had seen her. I had liked her so much though I don’t see too much of Bigg Boss a lot of my friends do. Also, there are clippings of Bigg Boss all over Instagram and you end up watching it. I feel she is a very attractive young girl. There’s something about her eyes and I just had to cast her. Honestly, I’ve never met her except this show and when I gave her a narration now, I knew she would win when she got my evil eye, it went from Raqesh to Karan to her. I knew she would win. I felt there was some kind of luck that went to her. More than that I’ve done nothing. I don’t think I have the power to tell a channel that I want this girl as my next Naagin. I found her pretty, she clearly had a lot of love from the audience and I connected to her when I saw her and that’s all that made her win. Poor girl she has to constantly defend herself.”


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Ekta also spoke about casting Tejasswi Prakash as the new Naagin, “I am happy. Everyone else has to eventually see her on the show and I wanted someone this time very vivacious but innocent. The character that we wanted Tejasswi to play was a reluctant hero.

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