EXCLUSIVE: Anupamaa star Rupali Ganguly: I was obsessed and would judge myself for not lactating enough

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Rupali Ganguly currently playing the titular role in Anupamaa shared her journey to becoming a mother to Rudransh with us on Bollywood Bubble. Rupali Ganguly is all hearts as she speaks about her bond with her son. She also opened up on how she would berate herself as a mother in the initial phase and how important it is to get over that feeling. Rupali also asserted that her husband helped her get back and leave behind all the inhibitions she had. The Anupamaa actress shared how due to the complications in conceiving, she faced issues with breastfeeding her son which left her devastated. However, her husband helped her embrace herself and soon she learnt to not pull herself down. She also opened up on body shaming she endured after she gained weight post-delivery. However. Rupali Ganguly reiterated Anupamaa helped her be herself and that she is no longer conscious of her body. She thanked producer Rajan Shahi for the same.

Rupali Ganguly told Bollywood Bubble that while she did not face any judgements for having low fertility count, she judged herself as a mother a lot post delivering Rudransh. She shared, “Women get judged no matter what and it completely fiddles your brain. Initially, I was told I had low fertility counts so that led to certain complications. I did consult quite a few gynaecologists and we’ll miracles do happen. It was a natural conceiving and normal delivery. I was overwhelmed because God was kind to me. About judging, no one did because no one was aware of it except me and my then-boyfriend. We did tests and we got married and Rudransh happened. Nobody knew about it to judge me.”

Rupali Ganguly added, “But, after having the Baby, I don’t know if I should be talking about it. But to all women out there I want to say that it is okay if you have trouble conceiving, the important thing is for your child to be healthy. Do not call yourself out or berate yourself if you are unable to do anything. There is this thing that Mother’s milk is the best milk for the child and a lot of things about it… but I did not lactate. Hence, I was obsessed and was judging myself that I failed as a mother of I could not even do this basic thing for my child. It kind of mentally took a toll on me.”

Rupali Ganguly thanked her husband Ashwin for being a support and her family and said, “I was blessed to have a supportive husband and family but there is a lot of things a woman goes through.”


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She shared how her husband made her feel comfortable and told her to stop calling herself out. “As a mother, you want to do so much for your kid but it is okay, just being a mother is enough. Stop calling yourself out. When Rudransh would roll out of the bed and hurt himself, I would feel I failed as a mother, I am a bad mother. No, It is only after a while I understood I need to stop doing that. My husband supported me. He told me, It is okay. There is no issue if your son is on that milk powder, don’t kill yourself over it,” Rupali Ganguly recounted as she inspires women to not beat themselves up.

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