EXCLUSIVE: Amrita Rao on parenthood affecting one’s career in Bollywood: It doesn’t happen to male actors

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amrita rao ​ is one of those actresses who has always chosen to make her own path. She recently embraced motherhood for the first time. Sharing her journey with us, Amrita Rao said that life has certainly changed, she has to be there for her child all the time. She also opened up on the physical changes in the body. Amrita also opened up about the time when becoming a mother would mean the end of a career but asserted things are changing now. 

The Vivaah actress said that in the film industry, when an actor gets married or has kids that don’t affect his career in any way, however unfortunately it’s not the same case when it comes to the actresses. When asked if she ever thought that embracing motherhood might impact her career, Amrita said, “Invariably, you are afraid of things changing. You are afraid of the whole perception changing and it happens to girls only. It doesn’t happen to guys. You can have a kid or two kids and still romance younger leading ladies. Life doesn’t change at all for the leading men but it changes a little for the leading ladies. This was not the case in the 1950s, 60s and 70s you see the actresses like Nutan ji, even Sharmila Tagore ji, they were all married and had kids and still got leading roles. Their marital status didn’t make any difference to their career. However, from the 1980s onwards, the scenario suddenly changed.”

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She further added, “Maybe Kajol was the only actress who I think made a comeback and it was like time had stopped. My generation still has to see that because a lot of us had got married at the right time. I mean the right time is the time when you want to get married and have kids. We have to see them get back to doing plummer roles and just start from where they had left off. I think we might achieve that.”

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