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Gauahar Khan is one of the most successful actresses in the industry. Gauahar celebrated her 39th birthday on 23 August. Gauahar celebrated her birthday with close friends and family members. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Gauahar opened up about the special surprise Zaid planned for her birthday.

Before Gauahar Khan spilled the beans on the special surprise she received from her husband, Zaid revealed how he prepped for the same. The dancer shared, “Actually ye surprise thoda family ke saath tha because her sister is here from Dubai, toh maine socha ki bacche bhi hai unke, mere niece aur nephew, toh maine socha ke ek kaam karta hun, aise kuch cheez karta hu jisme bade bhi enjoy kare aur bacche bhi enjoy kare (Actually this surprise was planned with the family because her sister is here from Dubai and I thought her sister’s kids are here, my niece and nephew, so let’s plan something that elders and young ones enjoy too) I did it in a very nice place bowling alley and full gaming and she loves bowling so all the kids were happy, she was happy, and parents were happy.”



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Talking about the gift, Gauahar said, “I wanted one particular watch, the Apple watch which was with metal strap, which was not available in India and it’s very difficult to get it so I had told him months ago ki mujhe woh chahiye, then on my birthday he wanted to look for it.” Adding to that, Zaid said, “I completely forgot about the watch because I bought something else and woh toh aagaya tha mere paas. Suddenly she said I don’t want anything ok but you remember right watch and I said ‘Don’t worry, I remember yaar’”.

Gauahar went on to add, “It’s the only thing I wanted. I didn’t want something very expensive not that it’s not expensive, it’s expensive but I said wohi chahiye mujhe because I really wanted that in my workout and everything and he reached the store and he’s like dekho ye wali available hai and I said mujhe ye nahi chahiye, hum jab abroad jaayenge tab le lenge. Woh mil hi nahi rahi thi and I said koi baat nahi na it’s fine. When we travel, we will buy it. So we reached there, we travelled 12’ o clock hua and everybody was giving me gifts and I was very happy. First of all, he got a special cake made and all of that and I love cake, that’s my favourite desserts so woh banaya.”


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The actress added that he first gifted her a ring. She said, “He gave me a beautiful ring and I was like ‘what did you spend so much money (laughs)’. He got me the ring and I was very excited because it matches one of my sets and I was very happy. And then I turned around and he said ‘and this…’ and then I opened it and was like (screams) it was Apple watch and I was most surprised about that. Ek din mein he looked for it and got it.” How sweet is that!

Gauahar and Zaid got married on December 25, 2020.

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