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Gauahar Khan and Zaid Darbar are among the most loved couples in the entertainment industry. They have a massive fan base who constantly shower love on them. The couple recently sat down with us for a candid chat. During the conversation, Zaid Darbar was asked how he feels being the support system of his wife Gauahar Khan. He was even asked if being compared with his wife, Gauahar Khan, in terms of her success, ever bothered him.

In an exclusive interview with us, Zaid said that he has never thought about his wife’s success and mentioned that he is happy for her. He said, one should not think about comparing themselves with their partners.


Darbar said, “I am happy, however things are going on.” He added, “Matlab, main kabhi yeh sochta hi nahi hun. Kyunki yeh sochna hi nahi chahiye. Mujhe nahi lagta yeh sochna bhi nahi chahiye. Jab aapka hoga. Mujhe toh yahi lagta hai, abhi bhi hai mera sab kuch. (I mean, I have never thought about all of this. Because, one should not even think like this. I don’t think one should think like this. It will happen when it has to. I feel, even now I have everything).


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Zaid continued, “Everything is fine. I am living happy, with a beautiful wife. I mean, it doesn’t matter, me being busy or no. I mean, I am not going to go around and say, ‘I’m doing this, I’m doing that’. It’s not showing. It does not matter to me, what I’m doing, I know. What, I’m doing, what I’m earning, what I’ve done is my thing.”

Talking further, Gauahar’s husband said, “She’s (Gauahar) done her hard work, where she’s come, however she’s come. I’m not going to compare myself to her. Aise kuch hai hi nahi, mere dimaag mein hi nahi hai. Aur aage hai bhi, toh good na. You have to be proud of that. You can’t start comparing. Who are you comparing yourself with.” He added, “Why compare with your wife or husband. And, I cannot deny how much experience she has.”

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