Gauahar Khan slams Shalin Bhanot over his sexist remarks against Gautam Vig: It is extremely disappointing

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Gauahar Khan has been highly vocal about her opinions and thoughts, in regards to Bigg Boss 16. An avid Bigg Boss fan and a former winner, Khan has never failed to express her thoughts on the wrongdoings of the housemates. In a recent event, Gauahar Khan called out Shalin Bhanot for his sexist remarks against Gautam Vig.

In the captaincy task, Shalin addressed Gautam Vig as a woman. He even said that because Gautam is an ‘aurat’ he is weak and he shouldn’t be in the race for this captaincy. Gauahar Khan expressed her thoughts on the sexiest remark on Shalin Bhanot.

Gauahar Khan slammed Shalin for the same and took to Twitter and wrote, “Shalin Bhanot auratein kamzor nahi hoti (women are not weak). To think calling Gautam an aurat (woman) is something derogatory, is extremely disappointing. Insult Karna hai toh traits aur personality pe Karo(you wanted to insult, insult him on his traits and personality).Aurat kitni strong hoti hai woh toh aapke paidaish pe hi app ko pata hona chahiye.Ur mom is a woman”.(you should know how strong women are. You took birth from a woman, your mom is a woman).

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Gauahar further also slammed other contestants in the house, especially those who have been caught by Bigg Boss smoking in front of the camera. Bigg Boss has warned the contestants several times but has failed to follow the house rules.

She further tweeted “What is this cigarette smoking in the open despite soooooooooo many warnings ! Defiant people n they do t care about rules #bb16”.

Apart from Gauahar, Kushal Tandon also took a jibe at Shalin in a series of tweets. Taking to the micro-blogging site Twitter, Kushal wrote, “Well I don’t generally discuss Bigboss ever, having said that by chance saw the most boring season … jus wanted to say Shalin bro Kaun hoon tum? Bhai hoon? How many lines of lawyers u have?(Who are you Brother )How much muscle power u have? If in any reality check plz contact me”.

He further took a dig at Shalin’s personal life and wrote, “A guy who can’t own his 10-year-old son …. Talking about morals. Irony”.
Kushal didn’t stop here and challenged Shalin to try a muscle on him. He tweeted, “And the arrogance of Shalin to the contestants, bro try me as a muscle power and my lawyer’s channel tho door ki Baat Hain. try guys like me to overpower”.

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Meanwhile, Gauahar also slammed Shiv Thakare for provoking and intimidating Archana Gautam in the game, and later she bashed MC Stan for making derogatory remarks about Priyanka Chahar Choudhary during his fight.

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