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Laughing is the best form of therapy. But, making people laugh is difficult. However, some are born with this innate talent of instantly bringing up a smile on other’s face. We have one such truly blessed person in the Indian Television industry. We’re talking about the ‘Comedy King’ – Kapil Sharma. Yes, he is rightly called the ‘King of Comedy’ as he has magical powers to lift people’s mood within seconds.

Kapil Sharma is not merely a comedian, he is an all-rounder. From comedy to singing to acting and even dancing, Kapil has all the skills of a true-blue entertainer. But, with his love for comedy, it wouldn’t be wrong to call him a ‘magician,’ who helps people to de-stress and unwind. Like many others, Kapil Sharma has had his own sets of lows and highs. But, he kept on going with his attitude to ‘never give up.’


From becoming the breadwinner at the age of 10 to being the most celebrated entertainer in the industry, Kapil’s journey is full of inspirations. ‘If you dare to dream, have the power to fulfil them,’ this is certainly what Kapil Sharma has followed all his life. With dedication, self-belief, hard work and perseverance, Kapil achieved success despite the numerous hurdles that blocked his way.


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Many of us know Kapil Sharma as the most-loved comedian. But he is also one of the most loving and friendly personalities you will ever come across. He enjoys one of the biggest fan followings in the industry and values each of them. From interacting with fans on social media to warmly meeting them on live shows, Kapil knows the art to make ‘his people’ feel special and worthy.

Today, April 2, as Kapil Sharma celebrates his birthday, we take a look at 5 times the comedian won hearts with his heartwarming replies to fans on Twitter. These sweet replies by Kapil to his fans prove why he is ‘fans favourite.’

Here’s are the most loving replies by Kapil Sharma to his fans:

When an ardent fan named his daughter after him, Kapil showered his blessings.

When an ailing fan called Kapil a ‘magician’ and celebrated his birthday with a special TKKS cake, Kapil sent his best wishes.

Kapil was left heart-touching when an elderly woman wanted to watch The Kapil Sharma Show after her discharge from hospital.

When Kapil won hearts as he promised to meet a young fan battling chronic kidney disease.

When Kapil sent his love to a woman suffering from anxiety and depression.

Here’s wishing the ‘King of hearts’ Kapil Sharma a very Happy Birthday! May you keep rocking and tickling our funny bones forever!

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