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Mahhi Vij is quite the inspiration to mothers out there as she is a doting mom to daughter Tara. The actress also has two foster kids who she, and her husband Jay Bhanushali take care of- Khushi and Rajveer. But the actress has been trolled for having foster kids and treating them differently, etc. We sat down for an exclusive chat with the actress recently where she opened up about being trolled online and why Khushi and Rajveer don’t stay with her and Jay.

Mahhi told Bollywood Bubble, “I wish I had adopted them, I wish I had done that. Because it was only about giving love and being protective about them. Because I have brought them up, obviously their mother was there. I never want that they should get separated from their mother, I always kept her first and then myself.”


Mahhi further said that she has always maintained the line with Khushi and Rajveer that they have to respect their birth mother first, “In front of the kids also I have been ‘this is your mother’ because what happens see they are hailing from a village, so when they were younger, they would be like, no this mom will not go to school you come. So I didn’t want all that to happen. I always told Khushi, ‘She is your mother, you have to respect her.’ But Khushi and Rajveer still have that place in my heart that nobody can take.”

When asked if she is in touch with them, Mahhi said, “Every day.”

Talking about facing trolls online and being bashed on her parenting, Mahhi said that it is become the nature of the people these days, “People will judge a man who is dying also. People these days have so much free time that they just want to judge and troll others. If he is a child of a celebrity, so we have to troll him, judge him, and tell him that your upbringing is bad. what about your upbringing that you are typing all this. You have become a troller.”

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