Mahira Sharma

‘Bigg Boss 14’ is about to return this year. It is no secret that ‘Bigg Boss 13’ was one of the most controversial seasons of all time and the memories are still fresh for the fans. So, while chatting with Mahira Sharma, we asked her will she ever want to be part of the new ‘Bigg Boss 2020’; check out what she has to say.


Mahira said, “Of course not, we are in lockdown since September(2019) so it’s done.” She added that she has an attachment with the old house, she said, “When the show was getting over, I had cried. I am emotional like that and I have an attachment with a place where I stay. But, that doesn’t matter because that home will not have the same people. The fights, the fun will not be the same. Now, there will be different people, and yet I will not have the same ones. There’s no point in going now. Not interested”

Talking about ‘Bigg Boss 13′, Mahira and Paras’ friendship was very much talked about. The actress was always asked about her equation with Paras. So when we asked her about the same, she said, “Maine kaha tha ki dosti mein sukoon hai aur ishq mein junoon hai. Sukoon accha lag raha hai abhi. It is better when friendship deepens over time. The things that come suddenly, they go away suddenly as well.”

Mahira was recently seen in the song ‘Ring’ alongside her ‘Bigg Boss 13′ co-contestant Paras Chhabra.

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