Sona Mohapatra SLAMS Hema Sardesai for supporting #MeToo accused Anu Malik

Image Source - Instagram

Sona Mohapatra had stirred up the internet with her post in which she slammed the makers of ‘Indian Idol 11’ for getting back #MeToo accused Anu Malik on the judging panel. Singer Hema Sardesai, who had recently shown her support to Malik, was slammed by Sona.

Hema Sardesai, who is known for songs like ‘Aawara Bhawren’ and ‘Main Kudi Anjaani Hoon’, recently came out in support of Anu Malik. She accused the other singers (like Sona and Neha Bhasin) of blaming Malik just for the sake of publicity. She took to her Instagram handle to pen down a lengthy note in which she said that Malik has given her some of her hit songs in her career simply based on her merit.

Later, Hema received a lot of backlash for supporting a #MeToo accused. Sona took to her Twitter handle and wrote that somebody needs to tell Sardesai that there is no way someone who is raped needs to be balmed. She accused her of victim shaming. Sona called Hema ‘Sick, Silly woman.’

Sona’s post read- “Somebody tell Ms Sardesai that yes, it takes two bodies to even get raped but that does not mean the person getting raped is to be blamed? Also, this is called victim shaming & it is the reason why minors, survivors & their families haven’t formally complained? Sick, Silly woman.(sic)

Sona also wrote that amidst all the controversy everyone is wavering away from the main topic, that a #MeToo accused has been brought back on national television. Pointing out the same fact, Sona had written, “Dear India & Media, Don’t you see what Anu Malik & his enablers, Sony TV are doing? Distracting us from the main issue? That of reinstating a multiple accused sexual predator on NationalTV & setting a dangerous example & giving a free pass for other such perverts. @smritiirani(sic).

There have been reports that Anu Malik might be dropped by the Sony channel following the outrage caused by reinstating him on the show.

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