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Veteran actress Surekha Sikri reacts to rumours of seeking financial help amidst Covid-19 crisis

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It is no secret that veteran actress Surekha Sikri does not agree with the new policy of senior artistes not being allowed to resume shooting owing to the Coronavirus scare. The ‘Balika Vadhu’ actress has been suffering a lot due to it as she cannot afford to pay her bills anymore. There were even rumours that Surekha had sought financial help. She has finally reacted to these rumours.

In an interview with Hindustan Times, Surekha said that she has got a few offers for work but they were all related to ad films. She said, “But nothing has been finalised yet. Again, these won’t be sufficient. I need to do more work to take care of my medical bills and other expenses. I think producers aren’t ready to take the risk.”

Talking about seeking financial aid, she said, “I don’t want any wrong impression to be created among people that I am going around begging people for money. I don’t want charity. Yes, many have reached out to me, which is very kind of them. I really feel grateful. But I’ve not taken anything from anyone. Give me work and I want to earn respectfully.”

The lockdown has made things difficult for on the work front as she said, “If politicians and bureaucrats over 65 are still working, why can’t the actors and technicians also go out? Many of us are going through a difficult time, we need money to survive. Such restrictions are making things difficult for us.”

Talking about her medical bills, Sikri said she can’t be a burden to her family any more. “I’ll take all the necessary precautions. I can’t sit at home like this any longer and be a burden on my family. Everyone is going through a tough time and these medical bills are adding to my concern,” she shared.

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