Tanmay Bhat confesses to being clinically depressed; says, “I feel almost paralyzed”

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Popular stand-up comedian Tanmay Bhat, who is also known for his acts in AIB, has now revealed that he is facing clinical depression. Taking to his Instagram handle, he shared a series of videos where he is saying that the #MeToo controversy hit him hard and AIB was badly affected. He said, “I think after everything that happened in October, I just mentally checked out and I feel almost paralysed, unable to participate socially online or even offline. Think a big part of my self worth growing as someone looked like me became my work. For most of my adult life, I worked in a company that I was trying to build and having to watch letting the office go and all the people who worked with us….. having to say goodbye to all that took a toll on me.

He said that doctors told him that he was diagnosed with clinical depression. “It’s been a few months since the doctor told me to start medication. I honestly sometimes get super worried that this state of paralysis is permanent. I sometimes feel I might never get back to being who I was or operating to my potential,” said Tanmay

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For the uninitiated, Tanmay was removed from the post of AIB’s CEO. It happened as he did not stand up or take action after sexual harassment allegations against Utsav Chakraborty of AIB surfaced. Since then, Tanmay went missing from social media as he was going through hard times.

In May this year, AIB issued a statement where he condemned Utsav’s behaviour and also asked an apology saying that all the videos featuring Utsav will be removed.

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The hardest part about everything that has happened in the last 8 months is to come to terms with my own failings as a leader and as an individual. But I know that owning up, being vulnerable, and taking responsibility are the only ways to move forward. I am deeply sorry for the distress I’ve caused to my friends, and anyone affected by my actions. I am deeply sorry to my colleagues who’ve had to go through immense stress that I feel responsible for. I realise that in the past, I’ve failed to live up to ideals that I've propagated myself, and my resolve is to ensure that this never happens again. I ask that you believe my intentions in good faith while holding me to my words. If I make any lapses in judgement in the future, I welcome critique and accountability from followers of my work, both men and women. In any leadership capacity in the future I will strive to build spaces in which women feel welcomed, valued, safe, heard and nurtured. I am committing to a daily process of unlearning, rewiring, and learning. To those who continue to have faith in me — thank you for giving me this invaluable opportunity to change and grow. I want to now look forward and let my actions prove my growth. Thank you.

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We wish Tanmay gets through this soon.

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