Divya Agarwal on her dad’s death, marriage plans with Varun Sood, being friends with Priyank Sharma

Divya Agarwal was crowned as the lone warrior on Bigg Boss OTT, a show that she eventually went on to win, as well. Her recent short film The Box raises a testament tk the indomitable human spirit and talks about an issue often overlooked – mental health. She personally reveals dealing with anxiety and depression post her father’s death. Here, she explains how she has always remained so attached to her dad and why she misses him every moment. Apart from that, she talks about her lovely partner Varun Sood and explains how they complement each other. She also reveals that they plan to get married very soon. Apart from that, she also doesn’t dodge a question about her ex-boyfriend Priyank Sharma. Many remember how she went on to become a big face post her much public break-up with Priyank on Bigg Boss 11. Here, she discusses about the ‘stupid act’ and explains how both of them have now come to a point where they call each other friends. Watch this full video to find out.