‘Kahaani 2’ new dialogue promo: What are the hidden secrets in Vidya’s life?

The fifth dialogue promo of Vidya Balan starring ‘Kahaani 2: Durga Rani Singh’ is out and we are further intrigued. Be it a clueless Arjun as the cop who is trying to solve the mystery if Durga Rani Singh/Vidya Balan, or Vidya Balan’s remarkable act, ‘kahaani 2’ is surely giving us surprise after surprise with each promo.

Now, the fifth dialogue promo of the movie is out, and Vidya is as usual impressing us with her stellar act. She has actually put us in a dilemma, is she the demure Vidya who is looking for her daughter, or is she the ferocious Durga Rani Singh, who is capable of a crime as heinous as kidnapping and murder?

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Well, we will only come to know of the truth once the movie is released in theatres on December 2. Till then, enjoy the sneak peeks that the makers are releasing in the form of teasers and promos, to intensify our curiousity.