Ravi Dubey on Sargun Mehta, fight with Nia Sharma, nepotism, TV tag & being called unprofessional

Ravi Dubey is not just one of the most sought after actors on TV and web today, but he’s possibly one of the kindest humans from the industry. In this candid chat with Nayandeep Rakshit on Bollywood Bubble, he reminisces his 16-year long journey, discusses his struggles, his battle with self-doubt, nepotism and rejections. He also adds how people easily slot actors in different boxes and are often not considered for the ‘TV actor’ tag. Being a nice person also means that sometimes, people take you for a ride and he reveals an instance when he asked his producers to release his payment, he was called unprofessional. He also speaks about wife Sargun Mehta and how his relationship with her has changed over the years and why she’s his voice of reason. Apart from this, he gets honest about his fight with Nia Sharma and how that relationship went from fights to friendship and now, almost family. Watch the full video here.