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BEHIND THE BLINDS: Despite being in love, this young hero loves giving hickeys to random girls at parties

Cheating and infidelity are the order of the day, especially when it comes to Bollywood. We hear relationships crumbling under pressure and couples falling out of love. Now, this actor has a history when it comes to his philandering ways and the previous relationships he had in life also couldn’t survive his turbulent ways.

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Such happened with this actor, who is admittedly in a serious relationship with another top actress. We hear that all’s not well in the lovers’ paradise although the actress is trying to put up a brave front and dealing with the mess in life. That’s a story that most of us know already by now. But the latest piece of gup that reached our ears will shock many.

Recently, at a party, this young actor came sans his ladylove. Despite his ladylove’s friends too being privy to the party, the superstar hero didn’t pull a plug on his mischievous ways. An onlooker tells us that he was happily grinding and has even given hickeys to random girls at the party, just for fun. He just moved from one girl to the other.

We wonder how our cute Heroine will react to her boyfriend’s ‘unique’ ways of partying! Ouch.

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