11 years after her tragic death, finally Parveen Babi’s Will is cleared

She was the diva who lighted the screens with her smile, and captured hearts with those eyes. Parveen Babi was the gorgeous actress, with as beautiful a face, as sad a life, and as tragic a death. The reigning actress of the seventies spent her last moments in utter loneliness and breathed her last in 2005. And now, 11 years after her death, Bombay High Court has cleared the contents of the late actress’ will.

You will be surprised and a bit teary after knowing about the contents of her will. The will which was produced by the maternal uncle of Parveen, Muradkhan Bibi, states that 20% of her wealth goes to him, and a bulk of 80% has been given to the underprivileged women and children of Babi’s village, Junagadh.

The will was contested by Parveen’s relatives who termed it fake. Eventually, after 11 years, they have come to accept the fact that it is indeed genuine.

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The estate of Parveen Babi includes her haveli in Junagadh, her sea-facing flat in Mumbai, and approximately 20 lakh worth of wealth in bank accounts, along with investments.

According to her will, out of the 80% that will be utilised for the benefit of underprivileged children and women, 10% will be given to actress’ alma mater St. Xavier’s College, Ahmedabad.

What a beautiful beginning, that tumbled towards a lonely and tragic end. Even in death, from the heavens, Parveen Babi has done what many don’t do when alive. We’re sure that the wealth will give a new lease of life to many who crave for it.

Parveen Babi will be missed, terribly.