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Aamir Khan wanted to star in THIS film of Shah Rukh Khan

Shah Rukh Khan had earlier stated that he became a star by doing films that were rejected by Salman Khan and Aamir Khan. However, do you know that there’s one film of SRK that Aamir wanted to star in? Well, the movie is ‘Josh’.

Recently, at the Mumbai film festival, the director of ‘Josh’, Mansoor Khan revealed that Aamir wanted to play the role of Max (SRK’s character). Mansoor said, “The ambition of bringing two of them (Shah Rukh and Aamir) together failed because of Max. Max’s character was so charismatic that everybody wanted that role. I remember when I went to Kajol to play Max’s sister; she listened to the script and agreed to do the film if she was offered to play Max. Aamir wanted to play Max but I had SRK in mind for the role.”

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Well, can you imagine Aamir as Max in ‘Josh’?

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