Adhyayan Summan blasts Kangana Ranaut on apology controversy; says, “It doesn’t matter”

Image Source - Instagram

Kangana Ranaut and Adhyayan Summan had been one of the most happening couples almost a decade back. However, after they two broke up, Kangana went on hit the zenith of success whereas Adhyayan has been down to the dust. He has tried it many a time but has never been able to make a decent comeback. He has once again grabbed headlines all thanks to Kavika Kaushik insinuating that Kangana Ranaut should have apologised to Hrithik Roshan and Adhyayan Summan.

Talking to BollywoodLife during a live interaction when Adhyayan was asked about whether he too feels that an apology was due from Kangana Ranaut towards him, he couldn’t stop himself from getting emotional and answering. He said, “I actually don’t believe in anything. I have left that topic miles behind in my life. I am right now way ahead in my life. And it doesn’t really matter who wants to apologise or not. I wanted to share my side of the story, and I did that three years ago. I am very glad and fortunate that some people came out in support.

When he was questioned about the support from Kavita Kaushik and the backlash she received after that, he felt bad for her. “Kavita put out a tweet, and I am very thankful to her. But the number of fake trollers who came and trolled her said some really mean stuff to her, I thought that was such a disgrace. It is so sad,” said Adhyayan.

Let’s wait and watch whether Hrithik Roshan too responds to Kavita Kaushik’s supportive tweet. Or will Kangana Ranaut stand up and speak her mind out? Let’s wait and watch.

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