Akshara Haasan’s ex-beau Tanuj Virwani on her leaked pics: I was disappointed as she did not stand up for me publicly

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Rati Agnihotri’s son Tanuj Virwani was in a relationship with Kamal Haasan’s daughter, Akshara but they broke up after fours years of dating each other. In an interview with ETimes, Tanuj opened up about his past relationship and said that they don’t talk anymore.

They were cordial towards each other even after the break-up but in 2018, Akshara’s private pictures got leaked on the internet and everything turned sour. Tanuj said, “Normally, I don’t like to talk much about the women I am dating especially if they happen to be from my fraternity. This is because I want to be known for my work and not for the women I’m dating. Okay, so Akshara and I were dating for four years, which is a pretty long time. We broke up but very amicably. I think we were even going to do a film together (but it didn’t happen). We were very much in touch and we even used to meet. We had remained very good friends. She had come out and met the girl I was dating after her, I had met the guy who became her boyfriend after me.”

He added, “When this nonsense about her leaked pictures happened, it was Akshara who first called me and told me about it. Those pictures were from 2013. She wanted to know if I had any knowledge about this. We kept talking after that trying to reach the bottom of this and find out who had done it. We spoke if she had ever given her phone for repair. I was very upset for her sake more than for myself. No girl should go through this. No family should go through this. It’s the worst thing that can happen. I had asked her ‘Akshu, do you think I’ve done this?’ She had said, ‘No, I don’t think you have done it’. I had told her, ‘That’s all I wanted to hear’.”


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Tanuj was disappointed with Akshara as she did not stand up for him publicly. It was stressful for him as Akshara didn’t say anything.

Tanuj said that his mom was also very upset and she wanted to reach out to the Haasan family but he told her that Akshara will give a statement if she wants to. “Mummy was in Poland when it happened. My parents had a very good equation with Akshara. It is sad that Akshara had to go through this but I must say that many sections of the media were quite unfair to me; they believed he’s guilty until proven innocent whereas it should be he’s innocent until proven guilty,” he said.

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