Akshay Kumar’s ‘Blank’ song ‘Ali Ali’ blatantly copied from Kendrick Lamar’s ‘All The Stars’ from ‘Black Panther’

Image Source - YouTube

Akshay Kumar‘s ‘Blank’ song ‘Ali Ali’ has been trending on social media ever since it released earlier today. However, the song is trending for all the wrong reasons. The prime reason is that it is a blatant copy of the popular Kendrick Lamar song ‘All The Stars’ from ‘Black Panther’. The scenes which feature Akshay seem to have been recreated exactly for ‘Ali Ali’. What a shame!

Right from the very first shot, the entire song seems like a blatant rip off. Moving on, there is the scene where Akshay is seated in the middle of a slum and the same set up is seen in ‘All The Stars’. The similarities are just too hard to not notice.

For those who’ve not seen ‘Ali Ali’, check it out right here:

While one can understand that Bollywood has time and again taken inspiration from the west, they have tried to copy lesser known songs or music videos. However, this time it doesn’t seem that way, as the song from ‘Black Panther’ is hugely popular and people have been going gaga over it ever since it released.

For those who want to recall the ‘Black Panther’ song, check it out right here:

Taking about the film, it stars Sunny Deol in the lead role with Akshay’s brother-in-law Karan Kapadia playing the antagonist. The film also stars Ishita Dutta and many others.

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