Akshay Kumar in formals

Bollywood superstar Akshay Kumar is a pleased man. Two of the actors films, that were based on social messages have been ruling the Box-Office. Akshay Kumar, last two releases ‘Baby’ and ‘Gabbar Is Back’ are much appreciated by his fans. The star has got texts, calls and ­messages from not just fans but also many politicians,congratulating him for taking up the issue of corruption in his latest release.


Akshay Kumar said, “It feels really nice to be appreciated by those you are working for, which is my audience and fans. It also means that the social message in the films has reached a lot of people. I do hope we all become anti-corruption at a personal level and instead of harassing a guy who jumps the ­signal, we put those involved in ghotalas of ­billions in the dock. Most of the ­incidents in Gabbar Is Back, are based on ­real-life incidents. Like the hospital bit in the film actually ­happened at a Nagpur hospital.”

An emotional Akki further added, “You know, I am just so overwhelmed with all the love that people shower on me. God! I don’t know what to do … how to return their love. The more I try to give back, the more it multiplies. It is just unbelievable. They recently put a ­huge garland on my film’s poster! I want to say that I love them all,” says Kumar, who has found his own way of giving back all the love. “I love films with social messages and are yet commercially viable. But now, I am itching to do a comedy. I have to deliver variety to entertain my audience, right?”

Wishing the Khiladi, the best in all his future ventures.