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Aww! This is how Shah Rukh Khan helped wife Gauri Khan redecorate their Mannat

If Shah Rukh Khan has mastered the skill of acting then his wife Gauri Khan has mastered the skill of being a perfect entrepreneur. Unlike the other Bollywood couples who have opted for the same or similar profession in the field of Cinema, Shah Rukh and his wife Gauri have opted for two distinct work areas. Shah Rukh Khan entertains his audiences with his acting while Gauri Khan helps people decorated and redecorated their house of dreams. Being an efficient interior designer, Gauri has carved a niche for herself in the designing industry. So, when there’s a renowned interior designer at home then how can SRK’s mansion not be a jaw-dropping one!

Shah Rukh with his family lives in a royal mansion named ‘Mannat’ in Bandra. Just looking at the outer frame of his mansion one can easily judge the kind of royalty which lie behind the walls of his mansion. But, now ‘Mannat’ is undergoing some changes. A little birdie recently told us that Gauri Khan has braced herself to redecorate certain section of her majestic house. In a recent interview, she revealed that she receives immense pleasure in revamping her house according to her taste and choice. She loves interiors, art and decor and as we know change begins at home. Along with this Gauri also revealed the sweetest moment of this entire process of revamping her house. She said that dotting husband Shah Rukh helped her in this process. She said, “We were happy with the result and even Shah Rukh decorated one part and did a splendid job. The whole process from selecting products to doing everything with the family was interesting and the experience was amazing.”

Aww, now that’s so sweet of you SRK. You surely are the best example of being a perfect husband and some time we do envy Gauri for this!



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