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Sometimes we don’t pay heed to small details and unfortunately, such ignorance can be almost deadly. And a horrendous incident experienced by Tahira Kashyap proves the same. Kashyap took to her Instagram to share how she recently suffered from Bottle Gourd Toxicity and created awareness about it. She revealed that she was admitted to the ICU (Intensive Care Unit) for two days after suffering from bottle gourd (lauki) aka Dhudhi) toxicity. Ayushmann Khurana’s wife, in a clip, shared her painful ordeal and requested her followers to not drink the juice if it tastes bitter as it can be life-threatening.

The writer shared that she drank bitter lauki juice and her body reacted adversely. After 17 bouts of vomiting her blood pressure plummeted to 40. She also shared in the video that her doctor told her that drinking bitter bottle gourd juice is “nearly cyanide.”


In the caption, she wrote, “PLS LISTEN TO THIS! Instagram is an amazing platform for spreading awareness! Pls, read about BOTTLE GOURD TOXICITY! I might be sounding all sorted and cool in this video that I made from my set, but I was in deep sh#%! Sharing deets as doctors also asked me to spread the awareness around too. I have picked my phone on all those who I know have the #greenjuice Bottle gourd toxicity has dire consequences, and dire is an understatement. Please read in between the lines. It’s lethal. In the name of health just don’t keep popping juices! There was a reason why I was in the ICU for the same, don’t want to divulge more gory details, but pls spread the word around.”

Check out the video:

Tahira Kashyap explained in the video that she used to drink turmeric, bottle gourd, and amla green concoction. She also said that she used to drink this green juice every day, however, she advised her followers to avoid it if it tasted bitter because it could be very dangerous for the body.

After being discharged from the hospital, Tahira returned to the sets of Sharmajee Ki Beti which is her debut directorial feature film. She is also working on “The 7 Sins Of Being A Mother” which is her fifth novel.

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