Check out: Mahesh Bhatt turns monk in Siddhartha

Film maker Mahesh Bhatt is all set to debut in Mukul Mishra’s  Siddhartha. Mahesh will be playing the role of a Buddhist monk, Siddhartha, which tells the story of a man’s disillusionment with the world and his search for inner peace. 



As per sources, the lead actor Shivam Bhargave plays a character that leads a life of indulgence and debauchery before renouncing it to look for salvation in the hills of Manali. That’s where he meets the Buddhist Lama, played by Mahesh Bhatt. The Lama helps Shivam connect with his inner Buddha. The film will reportedly be shot in Varanasi and Manali.

Mahesh Bhatt shared the photos of his monk look on Twitter :