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Radhika Apte is one of the most talented actors out there in the Indian film industry. The actress has proven her mettle with each and every project she has done. Apart from her work, she is also known for speaking up her mind freely. That sometimes lands her in the midst of some controversial statements too.

Recently, the actress was seen in the light-hearted comedy Mrs Undercover. She played the role of a secret agent who is sent undercover long time after leaving that life behind. Now, she is a housewife and a mother, and how she manages that with her work makes for a hilarious ride. Before the film’s release, Radhika Apte played a fun game of Rapid Fire with Bollywood Bubble, where she revealed some spicy truths.

Radhika Apte on dating rumours with Tusshar Kapoor

When asked what is the weirdest rumour she has heard or read about herself, Radhika had a quippy answer. She replied, “I have not heard any rumours. Long time back I heard that I was dating Tusshar Kapoor. That was like a long time ago when I did Shor In The City. Uske baad to maine kabhi rumour suna hi nahi. Jo karna hai kar lo, mere ko farak to padhne wala hai nahi. (I didn’t hear any rumour after that. Do whatever you want, it ain’t going to affect me at all).”

While her dating rumour with Tusshar was just a rumour, Radhika did reveal her first crush was from Bollywood. “My first crush was Aamir Khan,” she revealed.

Radhika on living outside India as a Bollywood actor

Radhika sure does know how to live life on her own terms. The actress works in India but when not working, she resides in London with her partner. She also said that living outside India has its disadvantage that she misses out on some social gatherings.

But she is more happy about the advantages. She insists, “The best thing is the space you get away from the unnecessary thoughts and insecurities you are exposed to.” The actress is surely an icon and she does know how to live an inspiring life.

You can watch the entire Rapid Fire with Radhika Apte here:

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