Vikramaditya Motwane

The recently released trailer of ‘Trapped’ blew our mind! The film helmed by Vikramaditya Motwane already promises to be a film with thrill in every layer and calls itself India’s first ‘survival drama’. We don’t remember seeing a similar film before!

The film revolves around lead actor Raj Kummar Rao accidentally getting trapped inside a house without electricity, food and fire. You can assume the intensity of the moments! There will be series of sequences when Raj Kummar viciously tries to get out of the house.

In one such scene, not the actor, but Vikramaditya himself ended up injured. (Also Read: Rajkummar Rao narrates his exhausting journey of going without food for his role in ‘Trapped’)


It so happened that the director was demonstrating the particular sequence wherein Raj Kummar tries to break the door’s lock from inside with a heavy iron rod. In the course, he hit his own finger with the rod.

This took place on the fourth day of the shoot. The team filmed for over twenty days, and Vikramaditya had the blur and black mark on his finger throughout. All the pain will be worth if it earns the audience’s appreciation!

Produced by Phantom Films, ‘Trapped’ releases on 17th March.