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Ekta Kapoor shares the secret behind her content doing well in rural India

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Ekta Kapoor is very particular about her work and she personally goes through the content of her projects. Ekta, who has spread her wings with a diverse range of genres across screens, shares the secret sauce behind why her content is doing well in rural India.

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Speaking about the same, Ekta Kapoor shared, “There’s no secret sauce I think there is nothing like rural market, I think there is an India there is a very exposed India and there is not very exposed India and you are giving them a taste of what they will find aspirational. It’s very simple, I keep a lot of lights, a lot of gold, a lot of red, a lot of tradition, a lot of drama, because that appeals to mass India. I may not watch it but I have that much respect, and if it does work, then you slowly come to know your audience through your job.

A game-changer in the Indian television industry, Ekta Kapoor recently joined the league of 500+ global leaders and marked her debut on LinkedIn.

Being a single mother through surrogacy, Ekta is an inspiration in every walk of life.

Ekta is surely a trailblazer in the true sense of the term.

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