Elli Avram with Salman Khan on a magazine cover

Actress Elli Avram gained fame from her stint in Bigg Boss. The beauty and her connect with the shows host Salman Khan was not missed by anyone. Speculations on her being launched by Salman Khan bore no fruits. Though she did not make it on the big screen with the Dabangg Khan, she was constantly seen in his company.

Be it a movie screening or a party at Salman Khan’s Galaxy Apartment in Bandra, Eli was often spotted in the Khan’s coterie of friends. The actress who will soon be debuting opposite Kapil Sharma, was recently seen on a magazine cover with Salman Khan, before your brain goes into an overdrive let us make it clear that this is the small screen hunk Salman Yusuf Khan.

Elli Avram witha model

Elli Avram with Salman Khan on a magazine cover.

The text on this magazine cover reads so, “Jaan Bhaijaan Elli & Salman”. Well Eli so what if you are not sharing screen space with the Dabangg Khan, looks like his copy will also do for you.