Salman Khan in car

Bollywood actor Salman Khan old hit and run case has been in news again with the shocking statements given by  IPS officer-turned-lawyer YP Singh,He said Mumbai police helped actor Salman Khan’s hit-and-run case drag on for 10 years.

Salman Khan had allegedly rammed his car into a bakery in suburban Bandra on September 28, 2002.Since then trail has been going on court.Ex-Cop Singh has cameforward and exposes few shocking things related to this case.


During the press meet,YP Singh said,”Many are wondering that in the hit-and-run case involving NRI Nooriya Haveliwala the trial got over in about 2 years and in Allister Pareira case, it happened in just about one year. But Salman Khan’s case is more than 10 years old, yet the end of the trial is nowhere in sight.”

“We always blame the courts for the delay, but actually the litigants are responsible for the delays. Litigants and defendants are in collusion in Salman Khan’s case. Mumbai Police is helping Salman Khan evade the law,”Singh adds.

YP Singh even blames Salman Khan not to appreaing in the court for 82 times.For the past three years, only three witnesses have been examined. It seems the police have brought Salman’s trial almost to a standstill.I am sure money may have been exchanged for delaying the trial by police.he demands to take strict action on this case.

Is YP Singh making Salman’s old case active to gain popularity??