EXCLUSIVE: Ankita Lokhande on facing trolls: A lady once called me a ‘prostitute’

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Life for Ankita Lokhande has not been easy. She has gone through a lot of highs and lows, both professionally and personally. After Sushant Singh Rajput passed away, the actress faced a lot of there were several fingers raised at her. From trolling to social judgments, Ankita has faced it all. However, she has battled everything and come out much stronger.

In a special and exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble for our series, “Her Story”, Ankita Lokhande opened up about being brutally trolled and judged on social media after ex-boyfriend SSR’s untimely demise. She shared how it affected her family, and other loved ones. Ankita also revealed how she battled through it and stood strong despite people calling her filthy names.

Sharing a shocking incident of trolling, Ankita said, “Itna ganda likhte hai naa. One aunty called me a ‘prostitute.’ I just wanted to know, so I checked her Id, she was a lady of my mother’s age, she had a son, a daughter. I was just thinking about their mentality. Meri mummy kisi ke account pe jaake prostitute nahi likh sakti. (My mother would not go and write this on someone’s profile). Logon ne kitna ganda ganda mere liye bola hai. It does not affect me, but how, as you don’t know my story. I’m not here to clarify anything. I’m here to tell people that I’m very strong.”

She added how her mother was affected by whatever was going on in her life and the social stigma. “My mom was like ‘Mujhe batana hai sabko sach.’ As a mother, she knew everything because she has faced everything with me. More than me, I think she has faced it because parents cannot see their child in that state. But, I stopped my mother by telling her ‘Why would we explain things to others? And to how many people will explain?’ So, there’s no point in explaining to people.”

“But, that day, when I went live to talk about it, it was like the end of everything, and that’s why I spoke about it. I thought this is the first and last time I’m going to tell people that stop it, otherwise, I’m going to block. In fact, I am blocking people because I did not such negativity. Unfollow me, I have no problem. I respect the people who have made me a star, and I value my true fans and well-wishers,” she continued.

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Ankita Lokhande and Sushant Singh Rajput were one of the most loved Bollywood couples at one point. But post a break-up, they never crossed roads again. But Ankita feels Sushant would have never liked his fans abusing her or commenting bad about her. “Even true Sushant fans will not like it, because he was the first one who did not like all these things. Vo bash karta tha logo ko, I know that, I have seen Sushant. Usko kaise acha lagega ke mere liye koi aisa bol raha hai? Jab humare beech me aisa kuch nahi tha ke hum ek dusre ko bura bole. So, who are these people to judge me? On this level? What have I done? I have a bond with Sushant’s family, and I feel like now after him going, I have to take care of them,” Ankita reiterated.

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