EXCLUSIVE: Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra on their chemistry: There is a trust factor; we aren’t like separate entities

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Arjun Kapoor and Parineeti Chopra bowled over the viewers with their award-winning performance in Ishaqzaade. A few years down the line the actors went on to share screen space again in Namaste England. And recently they earned rave reviews for their latest outing Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar.

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, speaking about how they manage to create magic on screen every time they collaborate, Arjun said, “I think two people who are very sure that they can be honest with each other work well. I think we as two people have no pretence with each other because we started from a place where let’s say Ishaqzaade prepared us for Sandeep Aur Pinky Faraar. I think Namaste England was a far most simpler outing in terms of us having to go through the making of the film. It was far more simplistic. And that was the charm when we did it then. Ishaqzaade truly prepared us to may become our own. This nine-year journey, hers’ is slightly longer than mine given that she did Ladies vs Ricky Bahl before, I think just the fact that we did Ishaqzaade together, we hit upon a chord where there is a mutual trust to be able to show distrust.”

“It’s quite a dichotomy that we actually are that close and we understand, respect, and regard each other to that extent that we can show absolutely the opposite emotion without feeling bothered for even a second. So when I am doing a scene with Parineeti, I don’t really care about her thinking because I know both of us are at the same place in the scene. So with us, we get very collaborative like two kids who are trying to bicker and have fun in the scene. Our chemistry off-screen is always going to be there because we have been through hell and back. Perhaps twice over in a good way. I think we should go to hell and back more often as we deliver good work together. But I am more fearless with Parineeti because I know if I fall she will pick me up and vice versa, ” he added further.

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Adding her views, Parineeti shares, “I absolutely agree with him. Arjun and I are blessed with something that not many actor pairs are blessed with. Which means our chemistry is beyond just romantic. And it’s not that the audience wants us to end up together, or get married in a beautiful love story. Because that is what usually a “Bollywood pair” is generally known for. For us, it’s so much layered and we are very lucky that both of us have that. The trust fact that he is talking about is so important because it gives us that freedom in a scene or a film to be able to do things to each other without worrying about the politics of making sure if either of us is comfortable. That doesn’t matter. If I have to slap him in a scene, I just slap him. If I have to grab him in a scene, I just do that. That freeness to be able to just be. It’s a very strong friendship which we share in real life as well. “

Arjun chimes, “Since day one, she knows what irritates me and I know what irritates her. So we know our strength and weakness. She asks numerous questions. I tell her to ask less question and do things spontaneously. This is my impulse as an observer of her since Ishaqzaade. So we work well as a unit. On a set, no director will ever look at us as a two separate entity. They can hold us both accountable for a scene and take us together. We both compliment each other. Like the scene when she is talking to the uncle in a cowshed, you can see the respect, camaraderie of the two actors and the director knowing that there is nobody trying to outsmart each other. There is Pinky standing in the background and allowing Sandeep to go through her catharsis while still be there to support her if needed. We know when the director is going to ask or not ask for another take(laughs).”

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