EXCLUSIVE: Neelima Azeem on Ishaan’s birth: Shahid told me I want a brother and I wanted a child again too

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In our Mother’s Day special chat show, Super Mom’, Neelima Azeem shared her motherhood journey. The actress has single-handedly raised her sons Shahid Kapoor and Ishaan Khattar. Conceiving at the tender age of 21, Neelima Azeem got help from her parents during her first pregnancy when she had Shahid. Balancing work and finances with a small child to look after, Neelima shared that she was very resilient since childhood. “When things were tough, I got tougher,” she said.

Many years later, she had her second child Ishaan. Opening up on their childhood and how she raised them, Neelima said that it was Shahid who told her that he wanted a sibling.

“Actually, Ishaan ki aamad iss duniya mein Shahid ki wajah se ek tarah hai kyunki Shahid ne muhje kaha ki mom (It is because of Shahid that Ishaan is with us because Shahid told me, mom) I want a brother and 13 -14 saal guzar chuke the. He was growing up and he was completing his school so I was becoming more independent and free of that. It was a very big decision for me to take and I was working a lot. And I was doing work, which I was loving to do, it was all getting better and better. So, I was very involved in acting, It was a big decision to take. And I took the decision immediately, did not take me a long time and I wanted a child again too. So I just thought ki dekhi jayegi. Ab tak kar liya hai toh aage bhi kar lenge. (I’ve managed things until now, so will continue doing that). Thoda sa aur hardworking ho jaayega. (It will just require more hard work). It would need a lot of balancing out and a lot of juggling actually,” shared the actress.

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She further added, “But, since I was working and I knew I had to carry on working. Everything went so well, so smoothly. Shahid did so well so early in his life and things fell into place. There was this one phase where I was doing a lot and it was exhausting. But, I loved my work and loved my children a lot and I loved everything about life besides that. I had a lot of energy and being a classical dancer being a Kathak exponent I had that extra energy that I managed so many things together. Isme thoda sa afsos ye hai ki dance joh hai peeche reh gaya thoda (Just a little sad that dance was ignored a bit). Dance is my main passion, it is my rooh, daana paani hai woh mera. Lekin mere bacche itne pyaare aur acche hain ki it was alright. And now I have all the time to focus on everything that I want to do which was a little left behind but that’s alright. It was worth every bit of it.”

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