EXCLUSIVE: Pratik Gandhi on his dad’s death, financial crisis: We were homeless

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Pratik Gandhi, who became a household name after the super successful Scam 1992, is gearing up for his next movie called Bhavai. In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, the actor opened up on many topics including his father’s death and financial struggles among others. When asked about his struggles and how he got support from his family, he said, “I am completely blessed because I got support from my family.

“Without their support, I wouldn’t have made those choices. There were a lot of times where I had to decide on something and there was so much confusion over whether I should do it or not. Such a situation can either make or break your career or life. The route would have changed. But my family stood there like a rock. I guess I am here and  the credit goes to them.”

When asked about his moments of self-doubt and desperation when he was not getting that opportunity and how he dealt with the financial crisis. To which he said,” I faced several financial and medical crises. However, self-doubt or depression moments never happened to me, Because I was always a person who the moment I see issues I think about solutions. And that’s why the problems never bothered me.”

“Trouble like there was a medical emergency home, be it my wife’s brain tumor operation or my father’s cancer that we fought and eventually we lost him in 2018. It is a big thing to buy a home in Mumbai. After so many years, you realize you don’t own a home and suddenly the whole family is homeless. You struggle that time you maneuver your emotions and the whole family. And when you have a full-fledged family and you decide to quit your stable job in an uncertain world. So, all these things were going one after the other. And from there you should have a focus on what you want to do. Keep your passion on and do these things. “

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He added, “I miss my father, I am now living his dream. I don’t know whom to regret to and complain.”

For the unversed, the movie is a romance drama which is written and directed by Hardik Gajjar. It is produced under the banners of Hardik Gajjar Films, Backbencher Pictures and bankrolled by Jayantilal Gada. The movie features Pratik Gandhi and Aindrita Ray in the lead roles. The movie is all set to hit the screens on October 22.

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