EXCLUSIVE: Sidharth Malhotra reveals his family’s reactions after watching Shershaah: ‘they felt they are seeing another boy and not me’ 

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Actor Sidharth Malhotra is currently basking in praises from everyone for his incredible performance in his recently released film, Shershaah. The movie is based on the chronicles of martyr soldier, Captain Vikram Batra’s journey as an army officer and his personal life. After seeing the film, fans started heaping praises for the actor as well as the makers for showing the never-been-heard story on celluloid. As most of the responses came positive from the critics, Vikram’s family and fans, this time, Sidharth revealed how his family reacted to Shershaah. 

When asked his family’s reaction, including his nephew, he exclusively told us, “I have to say my nephew is a very very tough audience, he is only 13 years old and whenever you have a chat with him about movies that he likes or watches, he is like ‘yeah, I saw that film and finished in 35-40 minutes.’ He finishes two hours film in 40 mins as he fast forwards the boring parts. So, it is very tricky to get his attention. So, when I showed him Shershaah, even though I showed him on the big screen, I asked ‘were there any parts you wanted to fast forward?’ He was like, ‘no, not at all, it was quite engaging and it was quite fast’. So, him being the young team in life was a very difficult audience to please but he found it very engaging and found our film very fast as an action film.

Talking about his family’s reaction, “All thanks to Indian army when we did a screening in Delhi, I could show all of them on the big screen as the film meant to be. I remember I sat with my mum first and every time she would ask me questions like, ‘arre ye scene waha shoot kiya tumne? Ye action hua hai?’ So, I’ve realised they are the wrong audience to sit with because they will not watch the film but ask me questions, so, I stepped away a bit. But my brother will always look at me after a good scene and gave me a thumbs up.


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When I sat with my father who was putting his hand on ​my ​shoulder after every scene. And by the end of it, they were in tears and they were extremely emotional because of the climax of the film. And they all felt that this is my best performance, and they were also so embroiled in the film with the story and the character, they felt like they are seeing another boy and not me as what they know,” he concluded.  

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