EXCLUSIVE: Vandana Sajnani Khattar on considering adoption post failed pregnancies: Procedures aren’t easy

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Vandana Sajnani Khattar has gone through unimaginable ups and downs to embrace motherhood. From failed attempts at conceiving, surrogacies, IVF and more, Vandana has endured all the pain to become a mother. In an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vandana Sajnani Khattar opened up on how she considered adoption as a resort after multiple failed miscarriages.

While Rajesh Khattar and Vandana Sajnani Khattar thought of adoption to become parents, it did not work out for them due to the not-so-easy procedures. Sharing her story, Vandana told us, “I use to visit all these mandirs (temples) and dargas (mosques), everywhere. I have been there for 15 years I was asking for a Baby. I told Rajesh that I just want it one more time, and if this time it doesn’t happen I am going to adopt.”

She continued, “Initially, it was not very favourable for adoption, because he knew his age and my age combined together, we will not get a small baby, we will get somebody like a 12-year-old or 13-year-old. It’s not an impressionable mind, you cannot just create maternal and paternal feelings for that child. So, he said no, I said no. One day 2’oclock in the night, I had applied, and I got a reply that I would get a 14-year-old daughter. And I wanted a daughter, very badly, I wanted a baby girl. But they said that I’ll get a 14-year-old girl, it would take around 4-5 months because of a lot of paperwork. I was okay with it.”

However, later magically she tried for IVF and was successful. “Later, I tried one last IVF and I was successful. I did not know how to react. And I got the news that it was twins. I was like twins, and now, WOW. It was like a whole ‘ek saath Jackpot mil gaya.”

She added, “Then our journey began, it was filled with happiness. Later, my doctor informed me that my uterus lining is quite weak. He said, ‘Since you’re carrying twins at this age, we cannot risk it. We will have to tie up your uterus, put you on the bed with your legs up tied in the air. You can’t even step down.’ I was like, ‘Seriously!’ But they said, It is a was a life of a bed span for the next few months. Are you ready for it?’ I said, Yes!”


However, life took another drastic turn for Vandana as she lost one of her twin babies. Vandana was later shifted to another hospital for her treatment. “The hospital was fine, but the doctor gave me something, and I started bleeding. I called up my personal gynaecologist and informed her. Then we checked, and they said, ‘Your one baby is no more.’ But, my doctor said that I can continue the pregnancy and advised me to not terminate it for any reason,” she recalled.

Vandana Sajnani Khattar is still keen for adoption. Sharing her desire, she reiterated, “It is sad that many kids have lost their parents to COVID. And unfortunately, the laws are not so proactive in terms of adoption. The adoption process is not so easy, but I would love to adopt a baby girl.”

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