EXCLUSIVE: Vidya Balan on battling lows: I felt like giving up many times but the universe didn’t let me to

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Vidya Balan is one of those rare actresses who believes in walking the talk. She has carved her own path in the film industry and has become an inspiration for all other aspiring actors who come from no filmy backgrounds. But her journey in the film industry was not a cakewalk. There has been a lot of ups and downs in Vidya’s career. So how did she battle those days? Did she succumb to the pressure and how did she pull herself out of it? The actress answers all. Read on.

Recalling her journey, the actress said, “Of course I did. I succumbed and then I realised that I have succumbed. And then I pulled myself back together. But then you are human. Your need to fit in is so strong as human beings, to belong to the tribe, that when you don’t feel accepted then you feel like ‘what can I do to change that?’But then slowly over time, you begin to realise that you can be who you are and yet be part of the tribe. That’s the beauty of the tribe. Not everyone in the tribe has to be the same. Every individual is different. Once we recognise and appreciate that then it’s actually a win-win for everyone. But we are so scared of being Alone, of being isolated, being alienated that we try desperately to fit in.”

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“At various points in my life, of course, I felt low. I felt like giving up many a time. And I think that’s absolutely human. And sometimes I feel I did give up also. But then, I think the universe didn’t let me give up. Because the universe is aware of how passionately I love what I do. Also, my family didn’t let me give up.”

Speaking about the days when she tried to ‘fit-in’ into the industry norms, the Sherni actress said, “Yeah absolutely, because you think there’s one “type of actor” that can be successful. And you want to be that “one type of actor”. Only to realize over time that really there are no rules to success, there is no one Road to success. And you can be who you are. That’s the most precious lesson I have learned being an actor. That you can be who you are. You don’t need to change anything about yourself. And you see the stories of the most successful actors in the industry and you realise that there are some who stand out like sore thumbs and yet they are the ones who have created a name for themselves or are known as legends. When you are young and you are eager to succeed, eager to be accepted, I think sometimes you lose your way and that’s absolutely fine.”

Vidya’s latest film, Sherni released today and it’s been receiving rave reviews from the audience and the critics alike.

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