EXCLUSIVE: Vidyut Jammwal delivered THIS shocking number of takes for a scene in Sanak; it will blow your mind

Image Source - Instagram

Actor Vidyut Jammwal is currently gearing up for the release of his upcoming film titled Sanak. The film Sanak features Vidyut Jammwal and Rukmini Maitra in key roles. The trailer of the action-based film was released recently and managed to grab the attention of viewers. Jammwal was once again seen performing stunts and action sequences in the trailer. In an exclusive chat with us, the actor was asked if he could recall any scene where he felt it was challenging. Vidyut Jammwal reveals what was the most challenging part for him while shooting for action sequences in the film Sanak.

Vidyut shared that he delivered 92 takes for a scene in the Sanak. Jammwal recalled the time when he was shooting for a scene in the trailer of the film Sanak. He says, “I can start with the one that we watch in the trailer.”

Vidyut Jammwal adds, “There is a ball and I roll on that ball and I do it. I did 90 takes of it. I think 92 or something. And I just didn’t want to stop, because I just felt that it could come in one go. Because I am rolling on a ball with my chest and then I come on my back. And then I punch him. When people will try it, they will know that it is not easier to roll on a ball. So we kept trying it, we kept trying it. We got it, then I couldn’t punch him right. When I punched him, it went from far away.”

The Sanak actor continues, “So things like this, because you know, this scene is going to change a lot of things. You want to keep going on and on. And then you exhaust it. But that’s a lot of fun.”

Talking about the difficulties during the shoot, the actor shared, “And I couldn’t breathe after a while, because we were in a congested room. I just knew we have to get it right. And we got it, finally right.

Vidyut Jammwal and Rukimi Maitra starrer Sanak is scheduled to release on October 15. It premieres on the streaming platform Disney+ Hotstar.

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