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Faissal Khan: I don’t like being referred to as Aamir Khan’s brother

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A lot of things happened in the aftermath of Sushant Singh Rajput‘s death and the atmosphere has been chaotic and unruly. Also, since few days, media has become a parasite and it is sucking Bollywood of its integrity and is maligning the industry that has been generating so much revenue for the entire country and also brings art to people.

We recently had a virtual conversation with Faissal Khan and asked him what change is needed in this conjugated system of media and the industry to make this whole system a better place, to which he said that this industry needs to be a better place and clean-up is required.

He said, “Bohot gadbaad aur gandagi hain industry Mai aur paap ka ghada bhad gaya hai aur aab toonth gaya hain. Industry main clean-up ki bohot zaroorat hain aur media ka bhi responsibility hota hai. Pehle main interviews deta tha aur journalists aapne hisab se chap dete hain. Woh log likhte hain headlines main ‘Aamir Khan‘s brother’. Mere bhi struggles hain, meri bhi kuch individuality hain, toh aap uske bare main kyu nahi likhte. Woh log bolte hain ki Aamir Khan ka naam ayega toh log padhenge, Faissal Khan ka naam se koi nahi padhega. Agar aap acchi cheezen likhenge toh , log padhenge. Aamir Khan ki bhi picturen flop hoti hain. Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan aur Ranveer Singh ki filmen bhi flop hoti hain. Aajkal wapas sachai ka zamana aa gaya hain. People are not fool. Ye jo public hain sab janti hain. Articles bhi waisa likhiye jo sach ho aur dil se hoh. Maine kuch bola, aapne kuch likha, toh woh aapka nazariyan aa jayega aur woh aapka article ban gaya, mera nahi.”

You can watch the interview here.

He added, “People working in the industry have to pull up their socks and even in the media. If you are a celebrity, your responsibility becomes double-fold. There is a code of conduct which is missing in the industry. There are gossiping, groupism, bitching and these are written by media to make their articles spicy. Even during the award shows, people pull down each other and they forget the struggles of the other person.”

Talking about Sushant, he said, “I felt very bad when I heard the stories of Sushant, all the actors misbehaving with him and all that and his career was sabotaged due to groupism.”

On the work front, Faissal Khan is currently gearing up for his upcoming release ‘Faactory’ where apart from acting, he has also made debut as a director.

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