Fans spot Deepika Padukone’s sister Anisha in Gehraiyaan

Image Source - Instagram

Eagle-eyed fans of Deepika Padukone have spotted her sister Anisha Padukone in her latest movie Gehraiyaan and they can’t help gushing about it. The interesting detail was spotted by the fans where childhood pictures of Deepika with Anisha was seen in the movie Gehraiyaan.

It was a photo frame spotted in one of the scenes of Gehrauyaan of the Padukone sisters and the fans shared the picture on their social media account with a tweet that read, “Love that #Gehraiyaan put a portrait of Anisha and Deepika Padukone among the family portraits! ❤️”

Check out the picture below:

One of the fan was in shock and read, ‘Omg’, another fan wrote, “I don’t know of it’s her idea or the director’s but I absolutely love it even something like this happens. The picture with papa Padukone in Cocktail in 2012 to a picture with Anishu in #Gehraiyaan in 2022 ❤️”

Meanwhile, Gehraiyaan has been getting glorious reviews, Bollywood Bubble has also given the movie 4 stars. An excerpt from the review read, “Deepika Padukone’s compelling performance as Alisha that really steals the show. She is vulnerable, strong, insecure yet a hustler. As layers to Alisha are unravelled, you can’t help but feel empathetic and maybe really blame her ‘luck’ for all of that, you know! You can either choose to sink deep or stay afloat. Either way, the ball is in your court.”

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